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We are a social enterprise and our unique triple bottom line business model means WE LIVE THE SOLUTIONS WE CHAMPION for long term competitive advantage and international value creation right from the start. OUR VISION is to show that HIGH MARGIN COMMERCIAL PROJECTS CAN SUPPORT LOW MARGIN SOCIAL PROJECTS and match and exceed market best practise.
All of our activities aim to deliver OUR MISSION which is to help all companies large or small to be ethical, proactive corporate citizens focused on long term value creation. We offer technical sustainability services, management and strategic consultancy and a full range of supporting services from due diligence to stakeholder engagement events. OUR BUSINESS CHARTER, against which every activity is measured, protects our foremost principle, the Golden Rule of Thirds - FOR EVERY RETURN WE MAKE, WE GIVE A THIRD AWAY through our social value-creating schemes or to other social enterprises and NGO’s.
Fundamentally, OUR LONG TERM COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE is sustained by our LINKS TO THE EAST, particularly China and the emerging markets that China is beginning to dominate. Through our Chinese founders and China educated management team, we embody an Eastern Taoist ethos, as we channel the flow of BEST PRACTICE FROM THE WEST and APPLY IT IN THE THE NEW WORLD to support the connected whole.

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